I always feel I am going to died for any reason

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Perse


    i’ve been going through something similar recently. i hope that with your current medication regimen you get some relief, but it’s definitely important to see a therapist (specifically cognitive behavioral therapy) i'm assuming you do have a counselor but still worth mentioning :p for me, any kind of distraction is the best way out of moments where I feel unsafe, especially when its as extreme as being scared of dying. whether it's video games, tv shows/movies, or just scrolling on my phone, doing things that i know wouldn't be possible if i was *actually* dying helps. but if what you're experiencing is less of that and more of a specific fear of doing things or that you're scared of bad outcomes like when you leave the house for example, i think safely exposing yourself in moderation to the things that scare you can help, because once you realize you survived it you can use that to reassure yourself. even if none of that resonates with you, i really truly hope things get better for you and that you can find the support and peace you need and deserve :)

  • pinky3


    I'm currently feeling like I'm going to fate. My stomach hurts I didn't even eat because I feel like it's gonna be worse. I'm at a restaurant with a live band and the loud music is irritating me I feel like I gotta get out. And of course the waiter is taking forever to get my group a drink for 1 person. Good thing we are by the beach. We came to ride bike then we stopped by at a restaurant for drinks. I wanted to keep riding.

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