Does anyone know where I can find good but inexpensive therapy, I’m a broke college student but also very mentally I’ll which is inhibiting a lot of my life

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • may_Bea


    As a college student I suggest reaching out to your counseling department at your school if you have one. While they may not be able to provide services to you for your needs, they will probably have knowledge of local resources. I would also suggest looking into any therapists that meet your needs that use a sliding scale for payment.

  • SkillfullyStressed


    I agree with @may_bea. I was able to get free counseling while I attended my university. It helped immensely and sometimes they can be flexible. Normally they'd only allow 6 sessions, I think that was per semester, but they made an allowance for me to continue to attend weekly due to my need for consistent therapy sessions. I have severe mental illness and it impacts me heavily. It can never hurt to ask your university if they have resources on or around campus. I wish you the best @cursednoodles

  • Ms.CandyHeart


    I was in a masters program for therapy. We offered free therapy in our program since we were students. Maybe you can look into some master programs for therapy and see if their students are offering it. The students I worked with were very good because the content is fresh on their minds.

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