I have known of my system for several years now, but I have always felt as if we are different from most systems that I see on social media. We have no introjects, rarely split, and our switches can last weeks or even months when things are stable. I cannot help but wonder why it seems as if my experiences are different from others’?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • KataKit


    Brains are unique and very complex, and so are systems. Your system is the way it is because that's what has helped you to survive with your specific mind and situation

  • Lemmon


    Everyones systems are different, yours just works in the way that’s best for you guys and that may not involve all of that stuff, I hope that makes sense

  • Beeble


    every single person with a system experiences their system differently. just because tour experience is different doesn't mean it's invalid. I would talk to a professional if you can, otherwise, keep on keeping on, yall are valid as FUCK

  • damon


    We also don't have any introjects and have only ever splintered once. As far as I'm aware introjects aren't incredibly common. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but up until the past couple years I had only rarely seen any introject systems. Everyone will experience things differently though. Also be cautious if you see a lot of these types of things on TikTok as I know TikTok has been having a lot more cloutchasers faking disorders recently. Just be safe out there ❤️

  • crescentnebula


    Every system is different and unique! Your brain figured out a way to stay safe and that's what it's doing! There's no right or wrong way to be a system :)

  • CeruleanCian


    Sometimes we don't switch for weeks on end and we don't deal with fusion or splitting the same way we see it happening online either! Your system is unique to childhood needs and experiences, and you're valid in that!

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