Does your fibromyalgia increase your depression or anxiety?

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  • OuchiePrincess


    During the worst flares, I have had suicidal ideation. The seemingly unending torrent of pain has sort of cemented my depression into a constant companion. When my pain is high and I have run out of things to try to fix it, my anxiety skyrockets, so I try to take a nap. I know it sounds dumb, but slowing down and giving myself a chance to process all the pain I’m in generally brings it down a little, and surrounding myself with people willing to help when I get overwhelmed has been invaluable.

  • RandomRules


    Absolutely. Sometimes it is hard for me to know which condition comes first (chicken/egg)… they feed into each other. Makes it hard to be hopeful and makes one feel helpless. I nap a lot too. …Hoping it’s more about self-care than avoidance of life and the anxious feelings, but I secretly wonder if I’m self-sabotaging …another thing that’s hard to tell.

  • Invisible


    I can relate, but sometimes my anxiety keeps me from sleeping! So frustrating! I get tired of going to doctors who do not always understand, so I just rest. If all factors such as weather, stress, diet, supplements, meds align properly I may be able to have one good day a week. It is tedious to spend so much effort on self care only to feel awful. I hope we each get some relief because we deserve it and need it!

  • Sexycop


    I finally had to start taking meds for anxiety and sleep. I go to therapy. It is a good way to get it out of my head. I stop feeling guilty for diseases I didn’t ask for.

  • Sandia721


    Abso-fricken-lutely!! In fact, the time I had to be hospitalized for mental health reasons happened because I was feeling so incredibly overwhelmed and suicidal over how much fibro pain I was having that day and how hopeless I was feeling about it never getting any better.

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