Has anyone had a kidney biopsy? I’m afraid but my dr wants me to have one. My creatine protein ratios? Are off the charts. But she said it could just be my diabetes 2 although it’s not that bad. She said it could be nothing or cancer.

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  • Leerae


    I have had 2 biopsy’s and they aren’t bad. They give u something to relax and I always had my dr put me 80% under. It does hurt afterward but it’s not horrible. If you don’t mind me asking what is ur creatine now?

  • Eeyorespal


    Faith hope, I've never had a kidney biopsy but I just recently had my left kidney removed. It had a cancerous mass on it. They found it when I had a CT Scan for an unrelated problem. The pathology report was great. It said that the surgery alone gave me a 94% chance of a cure. My other kidney is doing well and is handling the extra workload well, despite my CKD.

  • LeeoftheSea


    Get a 2nd opinion. The biopsy itself can create damage to the kidney and my nephrologist said there are other ways and they don’t like to do them if at all possible.

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