Does anyone else with lupus get frequent vaginal yeast infections? I take a probiotic daily and I still get 3-5 yeast infections a year



Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • LTW


    I don’t get vaginal yeast, but I get thrush all the time! I keep fluconazole on hand

  • Laila11


    Yeah I get them like once a yr. The last one I had was weird..symptoms went away with antibiotics, but my urinalysis’s kept coming up positive for bacteria for like 6 months so my dr put me on sulfamethoxazole to finally get rid of it. I take cranberry pills & probiotics every day & eat lots of plain greek yogurt🤞

  • RoxFox


    Omg. I suffer from lupus brain fog and you have lupus too so I have to share this. I KEPT READING THIS IN GREAT CONCERN. I THOUGHT YALL WERE USING FLUTICASONE. IM LIKE... PLEASE DON'T SPRAY THAT UP THERE NOOOOO

    • SlothFan26


      omg could you imagine 🤣

  • RoxFox


    But yes it is very common with lupus. I don't always deal with it but some years ago, I went a whole year with a UTI like once or twice a month and constant antibiotics. It was HELL. Especially since I am allergic to natural remedies like cranberry. -_- It has since calmed down though. Yes, my lupus has chosen alternative torture methods.

  • Jules14


    I had one year where I had a yeast Infection every 4-5 weeks. Wearing only cotton underwear and using vaseline around the area after showering cleared it up. Vaginal dryness is common and creates a compromised skin barrier that makes reoccurring infections possible. The vaseline helps to strengthen the skin barrier and not allow bacteria to enter and cause infection. Also helps with dryness. The cotton underwear helps you stay dry so bacteria and yeast cant grow. Other materials like nylon and polyester make it worse

  • Nam99


    Hell yes. My plaquenil was up too high and I got the worst yeast infections of my life every month for a year. They decreased it and it is much better now but I still get them.

  • Butterfyi


    Your meds can cause it or bacterial overgrowth. Change your diet cut out the starches that’ll help a whooole lot…When your PH is off, here it comes full ranges with vengeance. Ugghhh hate them… I eat Greek yogurt, take probiotics daily, watch my diet, and limit the antibiotics. The only way I’ll take them is that it’s the last resort. Seems everyone I take antibiotics I get C-Diff.

  • Rowboat


    People with lupus either tend to have dryness or excessive sweating 😅 I have excessive sweating and I change my underwear twice a day and go commando in cotton shorts to bed to air it out. I also try to eat lots of cranberries lol

  • Alexandria1


    I have UTIs consistently. I have them more of the year than I don't, no matter what I do to prevent them or treat them. It took me years to connect it to lupus and lemme tell you, I'm writing down the suggestions in these comments to try and help it.

  • MushroomFern


    YES! I get them at least 3 times a year and nothing seems to help. I've tried everything and at this point its embarrassing

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