Does my trauma still matter even though I decided to sweep everything under the rug? I was kicked out of my home at 13 and sent to live with my grandmother, there was a lot of mental and verbal abuse in our house and my sisters and I were constantly scared we were going to say or do something that would make my step mom upset. I reconnected with my parents because I got pregnant when I was 19 and we have a good relationship now… despite the fact that they will never admit they were wrong and if I brought it up that they did..
Anyways I live at home with them at 22 with my fiancé and my kids while we wait for our house to be ready. Am I in the wrong for allowing them to ignore all of the trauma that they caused me? Does it invalidate it?

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  • kat32


    No it absolutely does not. My father was/is emotionally, verbally, and financially abusive. I still live at home due to being unable to work due to my health. We actually have a better relationship now than we ever have, part of that is because it isn't very abusive and it isn't close. I recently went through a mental health crisis and my dad was playing the part of attentive father which was very upsetting for me, because that has never been my experience. It is honestly better now because I am okay to be around him, but we're not going to be best friends or anything. He was abusive to my brother as well, and they are friends. However you feel toward your parents is completely valid.

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