So since 2019 I’ve not felt well a couple days a week.

I am starting to link it to when my son (who is in daycare) has any symptoms of a cold or virus I end up with a very predictable constellation of symptoms including, but not limited to;
Elevated temperature (99.5)
Venous pressure and discomfort
Elevated heart rate
Phantom smoke smell

This happens in a pattern and comes and goes. I started to keep track of when my son was sneezing or had a runny nose and it seems to match that shortly after I start with feeling chilled, muscle aches, visual disturbances and phantom cigarette smoke smell, restlessness at night, malaise and fatigue. It’s almost like an exaggerated immune response that is in a vicious cycle week after week. My son is 5 and in daycare so he is certainly picking a lot up. I just can’t understand the restlessness, visual disturbance, brain fog, and smelling cigarette smoke.


Restlessness and Agitation


acute lethargy

Chest pain

Malaise & Fatigue


Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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