Ngl feeling a bit defeated rn. I got to meet my boyfriends family friends for the first time this weekend and felt super overwhelmed. There were people obviously talking about me and there was this one girl in particular I’d notice my boyfriend would occasionally look at. I felt jealous because I noticed just how well this girl seems to get along with his mom, dad, and grandma (she just came from Colombia). And I on the other hand, extremely overwhelmed, jealous that he obviously found her attractive and jealous of the fact that this girl seemed to be loved. Now my boyfriend won’t speak to me because I didn’t wanna be lovey dovey and didn’t feel too much like being in a talkative mood. I felt like I was holding him back from socializing and like he wanted someone tht could socialize with all these people. Driving me home we didn’t speak and this all happened Friday… idk what to do, how to feel you guys

Lol sorry it was this long I had a lot to get out of my chest 🥲

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  • Meila


    I can feel you.That’s really hard for us.people will never understand from our perspective.Anyway don’t feel so bad.Hope everything will be fine with you.

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