i cant find my wallet with my drivers license i cant find my passport or my ss card omg im a mess. what do i doooooo? right now im free but ill just go upstairs smoke weed and watch netflix that usually brings me comfort and hop on yubo live. but i only do that when i have time. i dont like the feeling that im not moving forward. im just practicing this thing where im radically honest and accepting of myself and my feelings. i just want to feel good. i want to feel happy i want us to do something new together i just want to feel happy.


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  • Dillybop


    When I can’t find something I clean up. I usually can’t find anything when my room is a mess.

  • Blank.Ellio


    If you have your birth certificate, you can go get your SSN card, once you have your SSN card you can get your license, then it's time to get your passport. To figure out where to get it, just search "where can I get my SSN card in (insert city name here)" and just call them up. Idk if this is what you are asking for but the steps are always nice to start with ❤️

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