Does anyone else feel as if they enter a very strange and dream-like state when they derealize? It’s almost like I’m literally asleep and dreaming. Sometimes I even hallucinate unnatural things that make no sense when I’m in a bad enough episode.


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  • RattleBalls


    Yeah i feel like that quite a bit, its the weirdest feeling

  • LottsaTea


    Yep! Sometimes I wonder how can I be so sure I'm not dreaming right now. When I'm asleep and I'm dreaming I don't know I'm dreaming so could it be like that when I think im awake? I go into this weird fog almost.. the things around me become overwhelming for some reason. People don't seem real. I hate it so much.

  • faeriekeri


    i feel like im in a dream or like im not really almost 24/7. it’s really weird

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