I saw 50% improvement in symptoms once I started doing Palio/keto type diets and taking anti-inflammatory supplements walking every day or at least moving whatever part of my body I can cardio is key. I struggle with fatigue motivation I know what to do. I know what works. I don’t believe western medicine or doctors who try to keep you stuck and give you medication that suppresses your immune system rather than calming your immune system down. But I have ADHD so I don’t stick to what I know works consistency is key with any autoimmune condition. The more good things we do the better we feel. At the moment I need to drink more water as well. What are you doing that makes you feel better? Please share I would love to hear positive stories about improvement of rheumatoid arthritis - to note, I have learned it is where the Immune system has become overactive – it just needs calming down, stress reduction is also very good, mindfulness, let’s take positive steps forward together!

Vitamin D3

Paleolithic Diet



Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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