Any tips on good hygiene? I struggle a lot with boot having the energy and/or forgetting to take care of myself I don’t like feeling dirty but sometimes I physically can’t bring myself to be awake let alone take care of myself…

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • LonLon


    Following, I'm struggling with the same. I use a lot of dry shampoo on my hair

  • sportgurl


    I try to imagine if my best friend were in the same exact shoes, what would I tell her? Would she find it loving and supportive?

  • Harvey78


    When my hair gets greasy i force myself to take a shower i use the soapy suds from my hair running down to wash other parts and then i get out. Toothbrushing is hard to remember i usually do it if i leave my apartment even to get the mail cuz i run into neighbors. Beyond doing those 2 things about 1x a week. Im right there with you. I have to get my mail cuz our boxes are tiny so only 1 week fits. My aches hurt so much that i rarely shower cuz standing that long and bending to grab bottle of shampoo and conditioner bending over and straightening back up repeatedly just hurts. I can only handle it 1x a week. I need to look into dry shampoo for the other 6 days.

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