my ex broke up with me because of my depression and he said that i made him feel like he couldn’t help and that he can’t make me better ,, ever since then i’ve been feeling like shit and i feel like i don’t deserve to be loved or that anyone will truly care about me.. that i won’t be perfect enough.. how can i move past this?


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  • boni28


    You deserve love and someone will come along and give you the love you deserve. The best thing you can do is continue to work on your self love. It is no one else's responsibility to make you better, and a healthy person will know that. No one in this world is perfect enough or ever will be. What is most important is that you are doing the best you can everyday and remember one days best might not look as best as other days. Self love and self care, focus on loving yourself and you will attract the same from someone else. Namaste 🙌

  • Emogirl2002


    You deserve love as much as anyone else. I used to have those same feeling except it wasn’t an ex who made me feel that way it was my mom. Focus on yourself and the person you want to be first and foremost and then once you decide how you will proceed through your pain live your life and then love, real love, will come to you. Then you’ll have someone to talk to. One more thing, if he left you because he felt like he could help you then he didn’t love you as much as he said he did, because if he did he would’ve continued trying to help you and he would’ve stayed. He is an insecure little boy who didn’t even take in consideration how saying that to you would make you feel, therefore he does not deserve you. Good luck, and I hope you feel better! ☺️

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