All of my conditions seem to have been triggered by Covid, which I had in October of 2020. Has anyone else experienced post-viral POTs?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Trip


    Yes, but mine is from Lyme disease

  • PinkCrow


    Yes, first had symptoms after some really nasty viral upper respiratory infection as a teen. I think if it wasn’t triggered by that if was definitely made worse

  • Margaret_Elizabeth


    My doctor thinks that mine was triggered by mono

  • Annakaego


    I think I developed POTS due to mold exposure (immunologist suspects but not yet officially diagnosed). The POTS symptoms were worse when I got COVID

  • GuitarGal24


    Yes! I think mine was triggered by a pneumonia many years before covid was on the radar. As someone pretty involved in the POTS community I can i tell you that you aren’t alone. A lot of the top doctors (all of whom I’m a patient of) now have waiting lists from 1-2 years long because of all the influx of covid patients. The good news is a TON of research is being done in this area all over the globe and these post covid patients might hold the key to helping us all. I recommend the website they are currently the best patient resource and they have tons of information on post covid pots. I also recommend joining their Facebook group local to your area and networking for better doctors. It takes an average of 6 years to get diagnosed with POTS due to all the incompetent doctors you will see before hand. Dr. Grubb is the top physician on this (it’s who diagnosed me) and he’s currently the one doing the most research, which you can follow and support through

  • IndySparkles


    I had covid the same time and developed pots. It's really frustrating.

  • Margarita


    yes! mines after having covid in 2020

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