Has anyone with EDS/HSD gone through an arthroscopy surgery to repair a labral tear/ correct any bone abnormalities?

I am considering a hip arthroscopy to correct my bilateral labral tears + femoral acetabular impingement but am hearing very conflicting recommendations from doctors. I’ve seen two orthopedists and two rheumatologists; both rheums suggest going ahead with the surgery while the orthos are hesitant due to EDS patients typically not recovering well or benefitting much from surgeries like these.

I am also considering the same surgery for cartilage damage in my shoulders and would love to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences.


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  • MedicalAnomaly


    Hi there! I have not had surgery to correct my labels tears, but wanted to offer my insight anyway. I work in ortho and I am also a patient at Mayo Clinic. My doctors have told me that it comes down to the severity of the symptoms versus the risk of needing multiple repeat surgeries + increasing the risk of future dislocations. If your FAI keeps you from walking and functioning at the bare minimum, surgery should be considered. If it’s a matter of pain rather than instability, conservative treatment and management of pain is usually the choice. Unfortunately, we as EDS patients don’t get the leisure of choosing whatever helps us function “optimally”…we have to choose the option that simply prevents us from being completely disabled because of the risks involved with attempting to function maximally. With that being said, YOU know what is best for your body, and YOU know how much pain you can handle, and it is ultimately up to you to determine your care. Advocating for yourself is hard, but you deserve the care you are seeking! Best wishes to you. 💕

    • MedicalAnomaly


      Not labels tears, *labral* tears…autocorrect lol

  • Wavy


    I have the same problems in both hips and my ortho advised against surgery. I ended up using a wheelchair for 3 years full time and my body was finally able to heal somewhat and am walking again. I never did have surgery but I’m not going to until it’s really bad again. Sometimes I wish I had a Dr that would’ve just done it so I could’ve gotten back to my life sooner.

  • Callum


    I got a tibial tubercle osteotomy and ligament replacement on my right knee. Before I had these procedures, my right knee dislocated every time I bent it. I’ve never had a dislocation again after these surgeries. It took 6 months to fully heal for me, but it was so so worth getting

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