I’ve been on a trial run of LDN for a month, only 1 mg but my pain has been significantly higher and more constant. Haven’t had any relief. Anyone have this situation and had to discontinue.

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  • Jazzie1


    My doctor had a step up increase starting at 1.5 and then moved up to 4.5 over a month. I didn’t get the full benefits till I was at the 4.5. To add I was at the 1.5 for a longer time however I had to stop and start a few times because I needed surgery. And then when I started again forgot about the gradual increase… oops! Anyway got back on track and I feel like it’s really helping! This med is known to increase the immune response which is why it’s suggested to step up if it’s tolerated. Are you taking any other meds or supplements? Any way you might be taking supplements to strengthen the immune system?

    • DysUnicorn


      d3 and c as well as multivitamin. The pain has been localized in abdomen where I have had many surgeries, nerve damage and adhesions. It has left me nearly bedridden from the pain. I tried moving up to 2 mg after two weeks and the same response. Increased pain

      • Jazzie1


        maybe a longer transition is needed? What does your doctor suggest?

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