I’m sorry for venting, but I need to talk to SOMEONE about this.
For the longest time, I’ve only been able to sleep sitting up at my desk in an office chair. At first I was able to sleep in bed by stacking 4 pillows behind me and propping myself up that way, but now I’m so uncomfortable in bed that I have to sit up at my desk.
I get heat flashes, stomach cramps, and I’m just over all uncomfortable laying in bed now. My legs hurt so bad from poor circulation!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Oooouuuucchh


    Damn that’s tough. I mean if you’re not feeling ill effects from it there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to sleep the way that’s comfortable

  • Mafuyu


    @Oooouuuucchh Well at first it was comfortable, but now that it’s been a few weeks, I have lots of pain in my legs and I really wish I was able to sleep in bed again.

  • hiphop5554


    That's so interesting... I would definitely bring that up to a doctor because I've never heard of that before. Since you've found that you can sleep like that, have you been? Sleep in any amount or way is very important for our bodies

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