the medical system has failed me (as it has many others) like ive had chronic constipation my entire life (almost 19 years now) and they cant even make my pain manageable (they can keep everything moving gi wise but no nothing for pain, pain thats so bad that i cant even stay conscious for, let alone stand or walk) and my migraines have been happening since before i was 10 years old (so almost half my life) and still they have no idea how to fix it or make it manageable (taking my migraine cocktail max times a week and still needing more relief is not manageable, having to lock myself away in a cold dark room until i can open my eyes again without pain is not manageable)

Chronic Constipation

Recurrent Syncope

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Migraine

Perforated nasal septum

Chronic Generalized pain


Chronic Pain

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  • sabbymer


    The health system is so lacking 😥 I get normal tests even though I tell them my anxiety or asthma/sinuses or tummy has been bad. Always just "well tests are fine over the counter stuff should help" 🙄 how hard is it to sit with the patient and figure out what it might be?!

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