Hello, I’m stressed from chronic pain. I suffer with IPN and SNF.
It’s impossible to get relief. I’m also dealing with Sciatica in my right leg. Electric shocks are constant. I’ve had SO many epidural procedures and they really don’t do much.
Hopefully, someone on this APP, will give me some advice. I’m 72 years young and I’m falling apart from this constant pain!

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  • JinMar


    What is IPN and SNF, Google keeps coming back with things other than medical conditions. I'm 55 and my mother is 75 and we both use kratom to ease the pains that pills won't help. But I hear it's illegal in a lot of states, it is not illegal hear in Arizona...

  • Pensewell


    I have really bad neuropathy that I get the electric shocks with and I had a spinal stimulator put in in 2016. At night when it gets really bad I turn it on and it helps. Maybe you could try one that is on the outside and for your back or leg.

  • Pensewell


    TENS Unit

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