Everything feels pointless because I haven’t had a friend in years. No one to share anything with makes everything mean nothing

Suicidal ideation


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Man_Of_The_Forest


    I totally understand and feel what you’re going through and feel for you. I also run into the same type of issues. I’m not good at maintaining friendships in the first place and my anxiety makes it very difficult to attain to new friendships. Apps like this and Wisdo which you should also check out can help alleviate some of that feeling by at least making some human connections even if they are virtually. You’re not alone my friend!

  • PooFard


    yo, I'm here to talk, i have work all the time, but I'll respond when i can

  • Ihearyou


    It’s so hard to make friends dude. You aren’t alone that’s for sure

  • Cam99


    You're not alone, I want everyone in this comment thread to know that they're not alone in feeling this way. Loneliness is a harsh condition that we all face, but we can also all help. If anyone reading this ever needs to talk about anything, or just wants to make a new connection please dm me! I'm always hapoy to meet someone new, I think we could help each other, even if it's across the internet

  • E_belli


    I fortunately have my mom to talk to but otherwise I'm there with you. I have absolutely no friends. It's really lonely. I'm sorry you're experiencing that, it sucks.

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