Has anyone else been diagnosed with PCOS but wondered if something else was going on. As in, some symptoms aren’t fully explained by PCOS diagnosis? Does anyone have co-morbid Cushing’s? https://www.endocrine-abstracts.org/ea/0015/ea0015p225. I suspected EDS (which is why I put it in this profile) but I have some abnormal labs which could describe Cushing’s. I’m just so exhausted of being sick and exhausted 😩. Any advice on how to advocate for myself with doctors is greatly appreciated as well

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)


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  • galaxychild


    I had also thought of Cushings but had a Cortisol test where they suppress your adrenals with a pill and check their levels. It was normal. I was looking into POTS because I have tachycardia and low blood pressure and just a bunch of weird symptoms. I saw that EDS and POTS can be pretty comorbid. As far as advocating, don't back down. I say do your own research and ask for tests. It sucks we have to fight with doctors to get proper care

    • Mommaspoondani


      I got diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia by my endocrinologist the exact time I was diagnosed with pcos by my OBGYN. I was 18; both agreed on hypothyroidism after testing everything including my cortisol to rule out Cushings. Treatments for CAH were pretty obsolete so I began treatment for non-traditional PCOS due to lack of progesterone. I have had symptoms of POTS and hyper mobility my entire life but it wasn’t until I was hospitalized due to a huge flare of POTS in 2015 and subsequently diagnosed with hypermobility by a pelvic floor specialist (you soul Cysters know about pelvic floor issues and pain), degenerative discs disease/ OA the following could years that my Specialists considered hEDS as well- with my advocacy! Keep advocating, there is hope!

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