How am I supposed to deal with depression every single night?

I live with my partner, and lately I’ve been finding that I’m very depressed at night. I try different ways to cope, like reading, listening to music, or watching YouTube, but none of them really help me. The only thing that does help me right now is him spending time with me and giving me affection. However, that’s not sustainable. I want him to do other things besides consoling me every single night. It’s just so hard…he plays video games a lot during the night and I get extremely depressed when I’m by myself. Idk what to do. :(

I’m so in love with him, but the last thing I’d want to do is push him away.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • MsDaisyMae


    Do you take meds? Have you communicated with your partner?

    • queenofdaydreams


      yes and yes :(

  • Vibesbyangel


    This is my relationship

  • mmm


    I've found night time is when I feel the worst due to feeling the most alone. While it doesn't make logical sense but I feel abandoned and alone when my husband goes to sleep. I'm not sure how to help other than using a dbt workbook to find skills that help you through it. I use distraction techniques (podcasts, video games, books, etc.) Anything to keep your mind occupied on something else.

  • RogueDream


    I am the same way with nighttime depression and stuff, I totally get it. I try to find anything positive and productive to do to keep my mind busy and keep me from getting too worked up or have a breakdown. What’s best for me is music and video games or messaging people.

  • CupCakeXD


    Try playing a video with him, or next to him a different game? Also you can engage with other in online games.

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