I feel like I’m losing my mind. The dating scene is terrible right now and I’m so damn sensitive and guys are so mean. I’m so gullible and I fall for the stupid stuff they say. I feel like I will never find someone and I’m not even ugly. It’s just men wanna smash and that’s it. All I wanna give them is my attention and love and they spit in my face. That shit hurts! :(

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Low Mood

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  • ajpup101


    you are not alone. i “dated” a boy this year who i thought cared but everytime i went over, he only wanted to smash. he found out i was pregnant, called me slurs, and left. i constantly ask myself everyday why i’m even attracted to men at this point. one day you’ll find the one and they’ll make sure to cherish every waking second with you. you deserve it

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