I dont poop regularly. I have issues with tomatoes when I'm not taking a probiotic from young living. I have to take a lactose pill or I am gassy when I have dairy. I am always tired. Sometimes I have no energy after doing very little. I never had issues with allergies but now I have to take an Advil sinus and congestion regularly or I start coughing and my chin and chest start itching. I lose a lot of hair in the shower. I have gained a lot of weight since 2018. I am not as horny as I used to be. I dont regularly have a period due to my Nexplanon. I get hemorrhoids when I do poop.



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  • loveshespoke


    It sounds to me like you're doing all you can. That's a lot to live with on the daily, I'm so sorry. In what ways are you being intentionally loving to yourself? I think that's important

  • bananaz


    Hi 👋🏼 sounds like you might have a thyroid problem? That usually causes a lot of the symptoms you’ve explained, especially the fatigue. If you have a general physician i would see them, i think they can do a thyroid test. Also if you’re allergic or intolerance to certain foods (i.e. dairy, gluten, sugar, etc) these can cause a lot of problems like tiredness and immune responses. If you can, get an allergy test that also includes major food allergies. Otherwise I’d recommend eliminating the big culprits first like gluten and dairy and maybe limit sugar and see how you feel!! Hope you feel better, stay hopeful, you will find what works for you 💕

    • BumbleBees


      I immediately thought thyroid too! I have hyperthyroidism and I have a lot of those unpleasant symptoms. I definitely agree, get the thyroid checked out!

  • chloerae


    I would get thyroid level checked. Also, it sounds like you might be allergic to grass! Tomatoes cross pollinate with grass which makes your body respond to tomatoes as if it is gas and it can make you have an allergic reaction. This is called oral allergy syndrome.

    • LeilaRae


      huh... that's one thing I've never heard of

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