I’m 36 year old , been experiencing racing heart and dizziness from sound sleep, multiple times a night. I have seen cardiologist have done full work up on my heart and blood work can’t find anything. Does anyone else have same symptoms.



Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations

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  • kodigoldie


    I'm 24 and have had 'periods of time where I experience palpitations and dizziness daily' on and off since I was in high school, cardiologist says nothing's wrong and insurance won't approve me to wear a monitor bc of my age and apparent health, which pisses me tf off. I don't have any helpful advice, just saying I feel ya

  • butterflylov3r1233


    i was diagnosed with WPW at birth, and more recently was diagnosed with POTS. definitely something to look into as they both cause chronic palpitations & dizziness for me.

  • starz227


    I deal with these constantly..

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