As Ive progressed through to diagnosis I’ve struggled w relationships. Manic episodes make me push myself away from what I’m in. Usually in the end for the better. Over the course of my current relationship I’ve come to realize that I am polyamorous and stay in monogamous ways. It’s a bit destructive to hold back a whole side of myself but I’m learning how to embrace and air my ways. Today I randomly thought of how maybe polyamory works for me because I’m bipolar and had been untreated for so long that maybe I was just seeking to fulfill both spectrums of myself. This led me to research a lil …. Now I am curious at how common polyamory is within the bipolar community and if it’s been a positive experience.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Ellen


    I haven't heard of a direct link but it does sounds very logical that people living with bipolar will be more prone to love more than one person and be in many relationships in order to cope with themselves. Im married now but when I was younger and wasn't balanced I remember that during my manic episodes I had numerous partners.

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