I’m currently a junior in college trying to manage their bipolar. A lot of times I feel incapable and not good enough, so I don’t apply to internships or jobs on campus because I’m afraid people will tell me I’m incapable and turn me down. This is preventing me from experiencing new opportunities. Even though I have a good gpa of 3.5, I still feel like I’m a fraud and the true me is a failure so why even try. :(

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    Sounds a lot like imposterism. I haven't struggled with imposterism, but I've absorbed a lot of failures in my life personally. There was one summer I was denied two separate internships. I frustratingly got up and volunteered somewhere else. No money, but was doing something at least. I also made friends with the leader of my town's Democrats through that volunteer work. The point is, all of the people around you have probably went through failure at some point in their life. The real goal is to get back up and try again. If someone tells you you're too incapable for an internship you want, you apply to another one and rub it in their faces. Okay, well, you don't have to rub it in their faces. I would. Part of life is trying to determine how to deal with setbacks. The truth is, you are capable, and you've proven it with a pretty strong GPA. Everything you do, no matter how small, works towards capable. If you join a club, and go to the first meeting, you're capable enough to do that. If you speak once or twice during that meeting, you're making more progress. Maybe follow one of the members on social media. More progress in making friends. View everything you do as progress and you'll see that most everything is going up. Even if you get denied an opportunity you really wanted, you had enough guts to try. And there's always something else you can do instead. Baby steps is key for most everything. Good luck to you.

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