I haven’t had any relieve from nerve blocks or my spinal cord stimulator trial. Medications like gabapentin don’t really work and make me so tired. I couldn’t tolerate Cymbalta because of side effects. Anyone have these experiences and/or find any treatments that have worked for them? It’s it my right foot so I can’t do much of anything. It’s making my life miserable :(. I’m signed up to start a ketamine trial in a few weeks.


Reflex sympathetic dystrophy



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  • lawprincess


    Hi!! I did the nerve blocks last fall and they didn’t work for me at all, and actually made mine worse. I also have it in my right foot but it has spread up to my right hip and left leg. I really had some good experiences with low dose naltrexone after I bullied my doctor into trying it. There weren’t any side effects I noticed & I’m very sensitive to medications too (couldn’t do too much lyrica bc of that) but I noticed my body starting to tolerate it way too fast which sucked.

  • SugarBubbles


    Thanks so much for your input! I hate it when the tolerance builds.

  • OneFootedPhoenix


    I eventually amputated to get my life back

  • MaggieQuinn


    My new specialist in Hartford recently introduced me to a device called the Oska Pulse, it uses electromagnetic fields to help reduce pain and increase mobility (a PEMF device) and it worked so well I️ ended up buying a PEMF mat that I️ could lay on as both of my legs are affected up to my hips, the nice thing about the Oska is you can wear it under or over clothes throughout the day

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