hi everyone! Im new to this app and I just wanted to get some advice. I was diagnosed with UC a little under a year ago and I am really struggling. I am 21 yrs old and I feel like I am missing out on so much. My entire life has changed. I cannot work and had to switch to online school because my symptoms are so severe. My best friend doesn't understand what I'm going through even though I have tried my best to explain it to her. I feel guilty that my family has to make all these changes just to make sure I am okay. I used to not have to think twice before I went anywhere and now I feel tied down because of my UC. How do you all cope with the stress of UC and feeling like no one understands what you're going through??


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  • Abrahim


    Hi, what medication are you taking?

  • CareBear10


    I can totally relate I have lost a lot of friends because they weren't able to understand

  • Alyooo


    Hi! I'm 26 so a little older but still found that this completely disrupted my 20s when I should be going out and having fun. I stopped drinking and massively restricted my diet and hardly went out so my social life became nonexistent. Now just over a year since my symptoms started I'm starting to go into remission, I've managed to reintroduce most foods into my diet (I realised my trigger is stress, not food), gone back to work and started drinking occasionally again. So my point is you will get there. Don't be hard on yourself, look after yourself and you'll get through to the other side and be able to do the things you're missing out on now. Life isn't over, it's just paused x

  • mollybircham


    I am 21 with UC too!

  • Jaydyn15


    Im 21 too, I was diagnosed in January just before my 21st birthday! You sound like you’ve got a really similar story to me. It’s been really hard and I’m only just starting to ease back into work. I have another emergency appointment with my consultant at the hospital today as my flare keeps coming back with a vengeance 🥲 it’s hard but we will get there… hang on in there

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