So I have GAD and I can’t tell if my stomach issues are from anxiety or something else? Everyday during school my stomach just feels acidic and weird. Some days are worse than others (like one day I literally had to go home cause my stomach was so acidic) but when I’m at home or doing other things my stomach is fine. It’s literally only at school or school activities. I don’t necessarily anxious school or I can’t tell. So I don’t know if it’s just anxiety or something else?

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • Poprockx


    I personally have had stomach issues caused by anxiety, I have it very severely though so it’s rare for me to not feel anxious all throughout my body but in milder situations it can be shown through stomach issues, severe headaches, feeling like I need to piss all the time, sometimes it’s just your body without the thoughts

  • Jojo123


    I believe it could be anxiety, so that could be why it only happens at school. If it’s get worse at school by not able to go to the bathroom or things like that. If you’re concerned about it I would say try to see the doctor just to make sure.

  • Tolietbowl


    Yeah mostly likely anxiety if you don’t feel it during summer, i get a bitch of a headache and back pain when I’m in a stressful environment

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