We decided to try this app out because meeting other people who are plural can be so difficult at times.

I’m Ciel, the host. We were diagnosed officially with DID in late 2020 but we knew we had it or way longer than that (trauma therapy is expensive as it turns out.)
There are about 50 of us, and we’re rather introject heavy. We are taking our mum to therapy with us soon to break our diagnosis to her and we’d love to be able to seek some encouragement here as it inches closer.

If anyone has any laid back, System discourse-less servers on discord I’d love to hear about them 💜💙 Discourse is just incredibly anxiety inducing for us is all.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Grunge



  • vice2410


    Hello my name is dazai I'm the host of the abyss network as diagnosed DID system...feel free to add us on discord.. pixle2410#7460 just let us know that you're from here and we'd like to be your system friend if that's alright with you ^-^

  • OleanderBunnies


    @Grunge I joined the server so thank you for the invite! We suffer from agoraphobia so it takes a lot for us to get ready to enter a social space 😓

  • OleanderBunnies


    Oops nevermind. we decided to leave 👌🏻thank you though! Hah hah! - Brahms

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