Has anyone here adopted a baby/child and can give any advice to those starting the process? It’s been emotional already.


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  • nicoleana


    U have to get paperwork threw a court house my husband is adopting my son

  • Dorkasaurus


    I have not, but OH MY GOSH, am I excited for you! And this part might be unhelpful to you if you've already heard about it: but there are supposed to be local classes to help you start/get through the process. I've seen them offered by foster care centers, adoption agencies, and churches (you don't have to be religious to join those).

  • KGarrett


    My husband and I adopted 2 children from Foster care. We were very lucky that the 1st child came when he was 4 weeks Within a year another baby. It can't be emotional but there are many children out there waiting for a Loving home. Do your research ask lots of questions if you adopt through Foster care there are map classes that you will be required to take, understand that unification is always the goal Of Foster care but there are children that are available for adoption.

  • Dad.of.Many


    My wife and I fostered over 100 kids over a 10 year period and adopted 11 special needs kids along the way. 6 girls and 5 boys. We went through every emotion known to man I'm sure. I will say that if the birth parents want it to be an open adoption so they can keep in touch be very careful with your trust. We had birth families stalk us so bad we actually had to move. The last move was across 6 states. Not all birth parents are that way, but some can be really nuts. Adoption had its ups and downs for us, but the good always outweighed the bad.

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