Haven’t made myself sick in almost a week! How do people manage the fear of weight gain when not purging?

Bulimia Nervosa

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  • LivP


    Congrats! This is a huge step 💕 it can be very stressful at the beginning to feel like you have to “make up” for the purging you are no longer doing. Just know that your body has been through a lot of stress and needs to heal. If you feel extra tired, give yourself some extra love and space to rest. The fear is real. When I can’t handle it, I’ll try to distract myself in healthy ways by going for a walk, calling a friend, getting out of the house. Having supportive communities is really helpful, whether it’s an ED support group or not. Also, try to stay in the day you’re in. Don’t think about the future or doing this forever. Just try to make it each day without purging. Little by little it gets easier. Sending love and healing energy your way ❤️

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