My medication I am on for anxiety (Lexapro) is making me really sick each morning and it feels as if my anxiety gets worse when I take it. Should I continue taking it or talk to my doctor?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Wordartist


    I would definitely talk to your doctor and see if you should stop taking it and/or try another medicine.

  • DJ_Skellytore


    could be another issue but to be safe i’d listen to your body and mention it to them.

  • Quinee


    I would consider consulting the attending physician. It could be a transient side effect, and it could also be that the drug is just not right for you ... In any case, I would not stop on my own …

  • Emma37


    Is it new medication? In the beginning it can do this, I take my pills with water and food and it helps me prevent nausea. Also definitely you should talk with your doctor and inform him.

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