Hi. I’m Shannon.
I want to find a new boyfriend but I’ve got so many problems w my mental health I don’t know how to go about meeting them and hiding my problems for them to get to know me. And I feel like it wouldn’t be fair to him.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Purplelover8838


    I struggle with this also. It feels so unfair to have such stigma on mental health.

  • Chesbro99


    I got my diagnosis after I was with my partner. I don't know how I would handle that either. My illnesses affect me so much everyday

  • sabbymer


    I am lucky with my support system but yeah it's hard meeting new people and worrying that you're worrying them

  • Revan


    I feel you, Shannon. I'm looking for a girlfriend but it always seems like all I can find is women who except waaay too much out of men with mental disabilities and scammers. Best advise I can give is stay away from dating apps, especially the ones that claim to be "free". Cause all you'll find there is scammers. Go to the library. Go to every church in your city. Go to the park. Go to the grocery store. Hell, go to the bars; men like to hang out there lol. But men are everywhere. Just got to get out of your shell a little bit. Or, if you want, you could get to know me and see where it goes. 😉😉😉 Lol jk. Lmao

  • blessing


    I've been dealing with depression, anxiety PTSD and a lot of other problems for a long time. After I got divorced 30 year's I knew no one would be able to put up with all my problems but some how when I turned 52 I turned around and he was there so never give up

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