Everyone in my life demands that I’m always happy, and that I always have a smile on my face because ‘it’s not that bad’ and I’m ‘just not trying hard enough’. I’m so much mental pain everyday and I’ve gotten desensitized to a lot of things that used to affect me more but I can only handle so much. It’s agonizing and no one cares to try to understand.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • bumblingbee


    Some people are not able to comprehend the pain Borderlines might go through on a daily basis. Its hard to be happy when it hurts. People think im distant and sad looking all the time. Thats not who I always am but Im not going to put on a show to make someone else happy. Thats no where near my responsibility. My responsibility is me and keeping myself happy. Screw putting on a show for others, especially if they dont deserve it. I wish you a wonderful, peaceful day.

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