What symptoms would indicate that I should get a checkup (before it's emergent)

Ovarian Cyst

Nausea and Vomiting

Abdominal Distention

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    I had a 10cm cyst and had a surgery to remove it about 5 months ago but recently had some symptoms and a gut feeling something new had popped up and something did aka a 3.5cm cyst. some of my symptoms included : more fatigue, nausea, random abdominal pains, soul crushing cramps that felt like it was in my pelvic/cervix area, random bleeding, and overall body aches. everyone is different but honestly go with your gut, i went with mine and it was right. but if you already have a cyst and are wondering if you should get it checked on again, still anything out of the ordinary that’s worrying you… get it checked out. cysts are no joke.

  • suspiciouscat


    honestly before my cyst burst i just thought i had really long, really painful, and really irregular periods. if you have a suspicion it can’t hurt to check.

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