Anyone else have really vivid nightmares frequently? I’ve heard it can be a symptom of BPD, due to how our brains will obsess over things. I have nightmares nearly every night, with multiple per night.


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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  • Greenery


    I have vivid recurring nightmares. Mine are related to my phobia of mirrors. It can be caused by BPD or other conditions. It does happen frequently when you suffer from other illnesses too

  • Mercitycreeps


    Same thing here! I've been put on quite literally every medicine out there to help with sleep and nightmares yet nothing helped. It's so strange

  • tswift


    SAME. if it wasn't a nightmare, it was a vivid dream. thc took care of this completely, since smoking before bed encourages deep sleep, not REM. i monitor my sleep stages with a ring so it's very easy to tell when exactly i dreamt. i was taking Prazosin (definitely butchered that name) before i started smoking, which i found helped. i believe it is a blood pressure medication but i used it to prevent dreaming. also exercise can help tremendously. wearing yourself out while you're awake will require your brain to sleep extra hard. really anything exhausting can help with this. hope this helped

    • Eddyy


      That definitely is helpful, thank you!

  • DaOnewitBPD


    I have really vivid, realistic dreams all of the time but the nightmares are completely different. I'll wake up shaking, knowing that everything is just wrong but have no idea what the nightmare was. Other times, I'll know exactly what the nightmare was and if I don't talk to someone about it then it just plays over and over

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