I’m starting Motergrity after failing many different meds for my gastroparesis. Does anyone have experience with it?


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  • Chronic_In_College


    Yes! I love motegrity. It’s been so helpful for me. You need to be super on top of/early for your refill schedule though bc there’s a supply problem with that medication.

  • mads


    @Chronic_In_College Great! I’m hopeful it’ll work well for me! I had no idea about the supply issue, thanks so much!

  • Cassiopeia17


    ^ they are absolutely right! I typically have to call in my refills at least 3-5 days before I need them so my pharmacy has time to order them. Motegrity has worked incredibly for me, but if nobody warned you, please know it is insanely expensive and downright unaffordable if you don’t have insurance that covers it. That said, it really has saved me these past few years, and for me it was the medication that finally ended the search for one that worked.

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