Hi! Has anyone get rid of Ménière’s disease?

Nausea and Vomiting

Ménière's Disease (MD)

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  • RyleighRain


    Meniere's disease has no cure. So you never get rid of it, but you can do some things that help lessen the time between attacks. These are a few of the things I done that has helped my symptoms: lessened salt intake. Stop drinking sodas with caffeine. And, I quit smoking. That's just what I done and it seems to be helping my symptoms. Of course, my hearing in the effected ear is not going to come back and I'm suppose to wear a hearing aide that also helps quiet tinitus if that's a symptom you have. My tinitus (ringing in your ear) was very bad a few years ago. I can't stand complete silence. I keep 2 sound machines in my bedroom and living room with just "white noise" in the background and it helps that. Also, noise cancelling headphones help me too. As for the spinning and nausea, as long as I keep my other symptoms down, I don't have those 2, which are very debilitating for me when it happens. So, I'm sure I missed something and all I can do is speak about my own severity of this disease and hope to help someone lessen their symptoms. If I missed a symptom, feel free to ask me the specific symptom and I will answer to the best of my ability. 🙏

  • Terpsichore


    Minieres is not curable only managed. I was diagnosed at age 16 when hearing loss was discovered that was not due to infection. I never had tubes as the fluid behind my eardrums would never be elevated. I was given maxide to reduce the water. It only briefly helped. I was diagnosed with bppv ( benign paroxysmal vertigo) around 19 which was described as the crystals in our inner ear dislodging and floating around. Quickly moving van do this and cause extreme dizziness. I have been slowly losing my hearing and now have bilateral hearing aides. The quality of my hearing fluctuates daily depending on how much sodium I consume. More sodium makes me retain water. I am to eat below 200 mg daily of sodium.

    • Terri706


      do you only eat 200 mg of sodium ? Is that all you can add ? Or is that total ??? Everything has sodium , I am curious

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