I feel upset because am confused with myself all the time because of what people say am bi and my grandmother and my mom say hurtful things sometimes about people that are gay are bi or anything that's not from the Bible that doesn't make sense because I feel like God he knows what he was doing and feel like if your Christian way don't you be understanding like Jesus Christ your you're supposed to try to be like Jesus Christ but most people don't even try but say hurtful things to people that are different from them and my grandmother made me feel bad about being myself to the point where I feel like am wrong for being bi and my mindset is really negative right and just wish sometimes I don't have to go vist my grandmother she made me feel really insecure with myself with my appearance how she treated me and what she said about gay people she even said the F like it was nothing and she has a son and a nephew and some of my siblings are gay and bi so and it really bothered me and it made me change my view on myself before I went to go visit her I was already really sad and down so nothing could have gotten to me and she knews that I was down and still said hurtful things and treated me rudely there I was sleeping one time and over heard her she said I think her piercings are demonic the the only reason why am here right now is because of my pricing and that hurts and it's not the first time she she called me demonic she called me a demon one time when I was younger cuz I stand up to her she's toxic and I feel like the really demon is her she fake and traitor and she use her jewelry to gave to people as away to make it up what she says or what she do

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • schizoboy


    I hear you, It's not easy, People can be mean but don't let them get to you, Don't lose hope

  • Cottoncandyclouds


    I saw you comment I just didn't know how to respond sometimes I just want to say all try my best to not let people get to me am just self-conscious about myself most of the time and it's annoying and stressful sometimes

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