Hey guys, so, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on PTSD?

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    Depends on what info. Symptoms could be flashbacks, nightmares, fear, paranoia, hyper vigilance etc. it was thought to only affect those in the military but many traumatic things -no matter how small they may seem - can cause PTSD or CPTSD (honestly i don’t know enough to tell the difference between the two) such as any type of abuse or assault, a natural disaster, car accident, or any other sort of trauma. (Sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, etc) Usually people can be triggered by sounds (bangs, door slams, raising of voices) words (swearing, certain trigger words or sentences people had said during the traumatic event) feelings (someone touching you somewhere/by surprise/from behind), weather, songs - usually something that ties back to the event. These triggers can cause flashbacks, thinking you’re back in the event, intense fear and panic, etc. it is very distressing and depending on the trigger or severity of symptoms can make daily living paralyzing. In terms of trauma treatment/therapy trust needs to be built, they should specialize in trauma treatment, and usually will do walk through a of the event with you so it’s in a safe space with them there to pull you out if it becomes too much, and they’re there to help process and help you deal with symptoms after the walk through. It takes a long time but the idea is to help desensitize you to the triggers so when they come up they aren’t as paralyzing. I hope this helps? If you have specific info you want I didn’t cover lmk

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