do any of you relate to having such uncontrollable intense anger when people are slightly or massively rude with you? anger issues are my biggest thing as someone with BPD, and so many times I get so angry that it consumes me, when others might be able to let it go easily and quickly. how do you guys cope with this if you are able to? or do you guys relate to my issues?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Stobotnik


    I do massively relate to this. My anger is extreme and unpredictable. I know everyone says this, but the number one thing I do is say “I’m irrationally angry right now, please let me calm down before giving a response.”

  • paganlagolous


    I experience the same thing. I have very rapid mood swings- and not a very healthy way to cope. I personally smoke to help control it- but that’s for me. Not sure what would help you- but know you have my full support

  • Wendee


    I relate to this alot. I just stop before I speak and try to think about how I'd react if I wasn't so emotionally wound or try and see if I misread them and what they said. My husband is an easy going guy who can come off as rude but sadly I didn't realize that right away and blew up on him which triggers his rage from CPTSD and his ADHD he can't take being argued with or yelled at and I have yelled at him but I'm working on it. It would help if I could see a psych and get on meds again but I'm trying my best

  • chroniclamb


    yes i do. my bf usually has to step in at that point

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