good morning I'm new to this app. I'm struggling with the worst episode of rls I've ever had. 4 days straight my legs and Arms are so restless I cannot sleep and it's making my anxiety unbearable. what besides Mirapex, requip, massage and stretching could help me?


Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Magnesium Oxide

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)





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  • Polly70


    I understand what you mean i have same problem,, I don't have anything to take for mine ...I also have lymphedema and lipedema and severe dry skin so makes it so hard to rest

  • Witchywoman123


    I take ropinirole for my rls but nothing is helping mine right now either. It makes you wonder 🤔 if it's not weather related.

  • basketcase


    I have tried everything my neurologist gave me over the years with no success. Sent me to pain specialist who gave me oxycodone which helps when it's real bad. It he said it's severe due to diabetes and 3 lower back fusions. Going to put in spinal cord stimulator which are being very successful for RLS. Do you have other factors? Best of luck.🙏

    • Beach_Bunny


      10 yrs ago, Mirapex worked for a minute, now I add Carbodopa-Levodopa ( Parkinson’s Rx) which is my miracle drug. miracle drug for RLS. LLevodopa

      • Beach_Bunny


        RLS is. Not controlled w/ Mirapex +Carbadopa-Levodopa together for me, yet it’s the best Rx combo I’ve tried. i video a 3 min. RLS ATTACK after taking Rxsthat did not helpRxstook took had already taken my miracle drug carbidopa levodopa. I find it like a migraine almost you need to take the medication before it sets in before the energy minus like a lightning bolt surging through my arms, popping my elbows, popping my knees with severe kicks . It is nothing like the doctor thinks it is and tells me oh, it’s like ants crawling on you know it’s like electricity trying to find a way out of your body. It absolutely is worse than any of my chronic pain five surgeries on my back or anything else because with those other things. 😥

  • Knightstarr


    Magnesium. I take Magnesium Malate and Magnesium Oxide every day and my rls is much better than it used to be. I am currently having about 2 or 3 good kicks before falling asleep. It used to go on for hours. Just a warning if you take it, it also makes you poop a lot until you get used to it 💩

    • Beach_Bunny


      thx! I’ll try them! Rest well

  • Knightstarr


    And iron

  • HenriettaHeadache


    I've read that yellow mustard is good for RLS, but I've never tried it myself. And I know it sounds weird, but I've found that orgasms relieve my symptoms.

  • Gemini573


    I take trazadone to help me sleep but I think it is causing my RLS. I applaud you for saying that you have it all in your arms. So do I. But I suffer RLS in my right leg mostly.

  • TabbysMom


    Mirapex & Tizanidine are my friends!

  • TabbysMom


    It is official. I will receive a trial of a spinal cord stimulator Dec. 7. It's for severe neuropathy. I never thought about it but I guess it would help RLS. Best of luck to you all!

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