Other than meds, are there any practices you do daily that help you?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • TheLeoLady


    I try to do a video from MS gym or MS moves with Mandy. Building strength with intentional movements 🧡

  • specialCharlee51


    Stop trying to be perfect. Exercise even if you're sitting in a chair. The MS GYM with Trevor Wicken is amazing. YouTube, for free. Get outside for some fresh air. Drink one more glass of water than usual. Go to bed an hour earlier. MS on my platform is a freeloader. I'm fighting back because it sucks not to. Take deep breaths. Stretch like a sleep puppy or kitten. Or like lions 🦁if you prefer... Make time for fun and remember how to laugh. You are formidable. Most importantly know that this is not your fault.

    • Kathy7867


      thank you I needed that!

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