Does anyone else get extremely angry after being glutened? I’ve noticed it happens to my sister and i who have both been diagnosed but I’m curious if it’s anyone else?

Celiac Disease

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  • audRei


    The woman who adopted me always tries to sneak gluten into my stuff (or stealing my gf stuff and replacing it with wheat products. She'll use an entire package of my rice noodles (throw away half of it) and leave me with nothing but a dozen unopened boxes of wheat spaghetti.) thinking i dont notice/im a pushover enough to eat it. She is wrong. I dont get *angry* anymore, it's just exhausting.

  • Finnley


    yes! I have super bad mood swings when I have gluten! it makes me cry and super irritable

  • AMWes


    I know I get irritable when i get into gluten, but for me i think its because of the intense stomach pain and migraines that I get. Basically I just want to be left alone in the dark bathroom haha

  • classypenguin


    I see lots of mood swings when I'm glutened, I have anxiety and Depression and when I'm Glutened I notice them become more intense, not only because I'm not digesting my medication correctly. But because I dont feel good and nothing really helps. It's ok to be angry just dpnt take it out on the people you love, vent instead and try to talk through it or take some time alone to calm down or take your mind off of things. I watch a lot of comedies when I get sick.

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