I’ve been realizing a lot lately how much PTSD I do have. I’ve been getting flashbacks to things that have happened in life that have traumatized me. I don’t know how to make it stop. I feel like I’m going crazy.

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  • SourLemons


    i don't have ptsd (at least i don't think) but i get flashbacks to a couple of severely traumatic events all the time, too. i don't really know how to stop it, though i wish i knew so i could tell you. every time it happens, i end up having to brace a wall or lie down and ground myself to the present. i have to re-convince myself that i'm in the present, where those events are since far removed. and every time i get through those episodes, the next time will be even farther away from the past. i'm sorry it's been rough for you. i believe in you. ♡

    • Mr._Dank


      I’m sorry you understand and that you’re going through that :( It is hard. And thank you. I believe in you too. ❤️

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