Does that time of the month always exacerbate your symptoms??
I hate when my period is coming because my PMS symptoms always make me feel 10000x worse than I normally do. It’s like a mini flare up each month 🥲


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  • CalliopeCrow


    same as heck :( I have PMDD so like I'm thrown into this flare up and at the same time just completely mentally unhinged. I'm v open about my period now with everyone because I NEED about a week to be pure rest mode. no appointments no date nights nada

    • BumbleBees


      omg yes I start making notices a week before it comes so everyone knows not to bother me 😂 I shut down man

  • SaltyZebra


    Unfortunately I have found the same. I have an IUD which has been helpful because I don’t have a period every month but when I do have one my symptoms are usually amplified for a few days. My heating pad becomes my best friend during that time.

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