With all that you deal with internally, how are you coping with what’s happening in the world and still finding a reason to enjoy the day and not feeling guilty or selfish doing so?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Esophagus_Mortimer


    By trying to think of adding more positivity to the world. If I’m taking time to tend to my own needs and happiness, I am better able to help others.

  • LittleEmm


    I don’t watch the news & I don’t “follow” or look at social medias pertaining to news. I know bits and pieces of what’s going on, but I was told a long time ago that the news depresses people who don’t have mental health struggles. Also, don’t “follow” people who are negative or constantly repost and talk about things that can cause you anxiety, even if it’s your best friend! If you don’t want to hurt their feelings, make a separate account on whatever platform you like for only positive things and subject you want to see daily: cat videos, plants, recipes, dogs doing stuff, outdoors, sounds, etc. Enjoy your days without other people’s input and their negativity!

  • JenniferT


    Don't watch the news. Stay as uninformed as possible. I wish I could say I was kidding.

    • Asta


      I do the same thing. In the past being informed just made my anxiety worse.

  • pinky3


    I hardly go on the news it's mostly negative and alot of the times they exaggerate. When I my anxiety is low I can watch the news.

  • JennK


    I agree with what everyone above is saying, more highly sensitive people need to stay away from negativity, it really is the only way I can stay mentally healthy. I limit my news intake, but I don't cut it out completely because I don't want to ignore what is going on completely, it would be selfish to ignore others suffering. But we can do what we need to do to protect ourselves. Takes walks in nature, listen to music, read, do what makes you feel good to counter balance the bad. Plus it helps to talk to a therapist or friends that understand.

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